Neighborhoods of New Town

Curious about the different neighborhoods of New Town? Here's a short intro to our community. (Although groups of homes may have different names for marketing purposes, there are only six officially designated neighborhoods in New Town. i. e. the six neighborhoods registered in James City County property records that make up the New Town Residential Association.)
Abbey Commons was the first residential neighborhood in New Town.
Legally, Abbey Commons is Blocks 5 and 8 of Section 4 in New Town.
There are multiple different subdivisions within Charlotte Park which comprises essentially the entire northwest side of Casey Boulevard:
  • Detached homes of Charlotte Park
  • Townhomes/Cottages (abutting Casey Boulevard)
  • Federal Townhomes (along Center Street)
  • Roper Park
Legally, Charlotte Park is Section 7 of New Town. 
Legally, Chelsea Green is Block 10 of Section 4 in New Town.
The second oldest neighborhood in New Town is Savannah Square.
Although it was originally developed in 2006, after correcting an administrative records error, Savannah Square officially joined the New Town Residential Association in 2020. 
Legally, Savannah Square is Block 11 of Section 4 in New Town.
The newest and final section of New Town is Shirley Park. Construction is still ongoing in this neighborhood located next to Settlers Market shopping center. Shirley Park will comprise about 121 detached and townhomes when complete.
Legally, Shirley Park is Section 8 of New Town. 
Originally planned to be part of the Settlers Market Commercial area, Village Walk borders both sides of Casey Boulevard at its Southern end. It was designed and built by Eagle Construction Co.
Legally, Village Walk is Section 9 of New Town. 
Community Map  
Here is the complete Master Plan map of New Town.
Residents of the Bennington on the Park Condos, Foundation Square Condos, New Town Center Street Condos, 5121 Center Street Condos, and Chelsea Corner Condos are all members of the New Town Commercial Association (NTCA).