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Message from the Chair, June 2019
Posted on May 31st, 2019

Summer is finally here!  Trees are in bloom as are the many beautiful flowers planted by residents.  It's such a pleasure to walk around New Town and see how wonderful our neighborhoods look.  We can be proud to live in the community. Congrats are in order to John Marston.  He has been appointed to the NTRA Board of Directors (BOD), filling the vacancy of Bob Keith.  His term will be until 2020 when a new board takes over.  In the meantime, we are delighted to have John on the board.
The pool opening was a huge success, as usual.  Residents just can't wait to relax at the pool.  There were many more small children and teenagers using the pool this year.  Glad to see it being utilized.  New lounge chairs and regular sitting chairs have been added, as well as new umbrellas. The activities committee did an amazing job putting this party together. Susan Schlimee was in charge, but every volunteer worked hard making this the best pool party yet.   Be sure to thank any committee members you may know.   If you haven't noticed, over 100 dead plants were replaced around the pool area. Native plants and plants that can survive Williamsburg's weather were chosen.   You will be able to tell which are new by all the beautiful color these plants will add. Apparently, the Kentucky Derby party was a big success.  Attended by about 30 people dressed in their finest, it was a fun party…especially for those having a winning ticket.  Thanks to Capriccio Ristorante for sponsoring this event.
To date, not all residents have completed an online survey about our landscape company.  It's just a few questions to answer, but will help immensely when determining what services residents want most, and which can be eliminated.  The survey must be completed by June 15th. The Landscape Advisory Committee will then evaluate the results.  These results will be shared with the community in July. So, if you haven't filled out the survey, please try to complete it as soon as possible.
June's issue will be the last of the Town Crier being formatted and handed out in this manner.  Starting next month, the Crier will be digital only with the articles posted individually rather than formatted into pages suitable for printing.  Future articles will be posted on the website only.  Committees can now post articles at any time, not having to wait until the next Town Crier.  We're trying to keep you up to date as soon as possible. The new website is much easier to use and user friendly.
Here's hoping for a sensational summer for everyone.
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