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Letter from the Chair, April 2019
Posted on Mar 30th, 2019

ATTENTION:  Our website has a new address!


The Communication Committee is in the process of converting to the new website. The big push now is to get everyone to register on the new site.  Your resident information did not transfer, so it's imperative that you sign up as soon as possible.  We don't want you to miss out on valuable info from the committees and Town Management.


April showers bring May flowers.  But I think Mother Nature got confused, because March certainly was wet!!! The grass is turning green and several areas had to be mowed. Our landscaping company, Virginia Lawn and Landscape, has been visible in town getting ready for the months ahead. Remember to check the new website for their work schedule.  Weather permitting, the crews stay as close to the schedule as possible.  Pruning should start the second week of April.  Also, watch for e-blasts about additional actions, such as Japanese beetle spraying. An important survey about the landscaping company should be ready by late April for residential input.  The Landscape Advisory Committee looks forward to your help with the survey. They and the company need your input, positive or negative. (See page 2.) 


Our committees are excited to have added some new members, but there are still spots for a few good members.  These next months are so important as we get ready to transition from developer to home owner control, and you can be a part in making this transition smooth. Volunteer today!!!!


Mark your calendar:  the pool is going to open on May 25.    There will be a pool party from 12 to 3PM that day to celebrate the beginning of our summer schedule.  New chairs and lounges have already been delivered….so just grab your bathing suits and join your friends for the festivities.  More details will follow in the May Town Crierplus e-blast.


Heard about sinkholes??   There were several reported throughout the community, in residential and common areas. The 8-foot deep sinkhole at the storm box near the playground has been repaired this past month. Incidentally, a basketball was recovered from the hole.  Anybody missing a basketball called Wilson?  Tom Hanks?


Now that the trash can situation is on its way to being “semi controlled,” it's time to set our sights on the mailbox maintenance.  This issue, too, has long been debated.  The RAB recommends (1) that inspection of the mailboxes be included during the NTRA home inspection program; (2) mailbox post maintenance and replacement will be the responsibility of the homeowners association; (3) the mailbox itself will be the responsibility of the homeowner, whether needing painting or replacement; (4) Village Walk residential cluster mailboxes will continue to be maintained by the HOA.


Lastly, an alert was sent to residents recently.  We tried not to scare anyone, but did the opposite.  We neglected to tell everyone that the activity was people milling around the neighborhood after midnight.  Several people were stopped by police at the corner of Center Street and Elizabeth Davis Boulevard and questioned. This happened twice in the same area.  The police request that if you seem uncomfortable about people outside your house, to please contact them by dialing 911.   This is a safe community and we need to ensure it stays that way.


  Chuck Stetler, RAB Chair




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