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BOARD BUZZ - Dec/Jan 2023 by Ruth Burgess, Director
Posted on Dec 27th, 2023

I am writing this on December 26, which in our home is Day 2 of Christmas’s 12-day liturgical season. In practical terms, this means that while we may or may not remove the exterior Christmas wreath on our door earlier, most of our Christmas decorations inside will remain in place until after January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany. That will include our Christmas tree, easily visible from the sidewalk outside our living room window, and candles and other décor in our windows.
For many others in New Town and the greater Williamsburg area, however, Christmas is over after Christmas Day on December 25, and all the decorations have to come down and be stored by New Year’s Eve.
So, first of all, thank you NTRA for allowing people like me to observe and celebrate Christmas for a full 12 days, even though for lots of folks in New Town it may be time to pack up the December holiday décor and prepare to move on
Secondly, as an NTRA Board member living in one of our neighborhoods, I want to remind all our homeowners and renters that, according to our NTRA rules, exterior Christmas decorations should be removed on or before January 7. This year, January 7 is a Sunday.
As the dawn of 2024 is fast upon us, and it’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions, this also is a good time to think about homeowner responsibilities.
  • Can you find time to serve on a committee or help with a specific project or activity that may help make New Town a great place to live?
  • How well are you doing at keeping up the exterior of your homes? What maintenance might you need to schedule now so that it is completed before the annual inspections?
  • How long has it been since you had your dryer vents cleared, especially if they are in a place difficult for you to reach? (Many house-fires begin in dryer vents clogged with lint.)
  • Has your HVAC system been receiving recommended inspection and maintenance?
  • Are you promptly and properly stowing away garbage and recycling bins within 24 hours after the scheduled pick-up day? In New Town, this is usually a Wednesday.
  • Do you have a good personal plan for paying your quarterly home’s NTRA assessment when it is due? (Please email CBM at if you have not received your assessment booklet in the mail by December 27, and/or if you need to inform CBM of any errors. Also, be aware that because the booklets are arriving so late this year, the grace period may be extended beyond January 10.)
Finally, the entire NTRA Board of Directors hopes 2024 will be a great year for our community, and wishes all who read this a Happy and Healthy 2024!
Posted on Jan 3, 2024

I don't recall last year but as for every year after January 1st, there has been a dumpster stationed at the parking lot located by the pool/park for residents to discard their live Christmas trees in. Is this going to continue for residents or has the BOD stopped this?
REPLY: The dumpster was ordered and will be arriving tomorrow, January 4th.

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