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Posted on Dec 1st, 2023

There was no submission from the Board this month.
HERE ARE THE CANDIDATES FOR THE 2024-2025 NTRA BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  Nominations may still be submitted at any time to and will also be taken from the floor at our Annual Meeting on December 13th. You may proceed and vote early on the candidates that have been nominated or you can submit your vote during the meeting in case you want to vote for anyone who is nominated from the floor.
This information is also available on the website election page.
  • Street address: 4615 Town Creek Dr.
  • Neighborhood: ABBEY COMMONS
While living in northern Virginia we purchased a New Town townhouse in 2006 as a second home. We observed New Town grow from the Sun Trust bank, Corner Pocket restaurant, and a few townhouses to the community it is today and find ourselves making New Town a primary residence.
My 20-years of service as President of an HOA in northern Virginia, prior employment as a Senior Systems Analyst, experience teaching college-level Information Systems, and Master of Science in Management give me the experience, skills, and knowledge to interpret complex issues and develop collaborative creative, economically sound solutions.
There are two major challenges facing our homeowner’s association:
First, New Town is beginning to show its age. Infrastructure wear, maintenance costs, and landscaping issues need to be addressed and resolved to keep New Town a vibrant, thriving, attractive community -- and a wonderful place to live. The resolution of these issues will require teamwork in the form of homeowner interest, input, and involvement coupled with careful planning and judicious use of both budgeted maintenance funds and reserve account expenditures by board members.
Second, effective two-way communication and resident involvement in issues and events continue to lag. This is detrimental to the management of the association. Communication, including timely responses to homeowners’ concerns, needs to be enhanced to better engage our residents in issues and activities. Maintaining open lines of communication between our board and management company also is essential.
Last year I served as the NTRA vice president and this year as president. I have worked to improve the relationship between the New Town Commercial Association and the New Town Residential Association. I have worked hard to follow our outdated governing documents and at the same time resolve our problems by doing what is right for our Association. If reelected to the NTRA board, I will continue to work on improving our community.
  • Address: 4203 Greenview
  • Neighborhood: VILLAGE WALK
I am currently on the NTRA Board, served as the Treasurer, and have been a member and chair of the Finance Committee. In addition to living in New Town since late 2017, I have owned and lived in 3 condominiums and 2 townhome communities prior to moving to New Town. I was also on the building committee of an historic Washington, DC church and helped plan a major renovation of the church.
I have Engineering, Industrial Management and Finance and Accounting degrees from University of Michigan, Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Chicago. My work experience encompasses engineering, management accounting, and information technology systems. Over the career I earned Professional Engineering (PE), Accounting (CPA), and inventory management (CPIM) certifications.
In Williamsburg I have served as a volunteer at the Mariners’ Museum, Colonial Williamsburg and the Williamsburg chapter of SCORE. Major Finance Committee accomplishments were redesigning the association’s financial statements, developing the budget process, and working on the transition to a new management company.
I am applying for a 2024 Board position because I want to support the new association Treasurer, work on new governing documents (if another rewrite attempt is made), and continue working to resolve Village Walk’s construction defect issues.
  • Address - 4293 Casey Blvd
  • Neighborhood - SAVANNAH SQUARE
I have been a professor in the Mathematics Dept at the College of William and Mary since 2007, where I have been on numerous committees in service to the University. W&M committee work and service to the University in the last 2-year period (on leave 2021) has included:
  • Computational Applied Mathematics and Statistics (CAMS) Applied Statistics Track Director - 6 years.
  • Athletic Policy Advisory Committee Faculty Fellow. 
  • Chair NTE Hiring committee chair - Math/Data Science.
  • NTE Hiring Committee - Math.
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • Mathematics Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee.
  • Residency Appeals Board Committee.
  • Parking Appeals Committee.
  • Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society Advisor (+ new inductions and organized ceremony).
I am also currently a member of an owner-run HOA for a small community where I have a rental property.
I would like to serve on the Board of Directors to assist in building a stronger New Town community.
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