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BOARD BUZZ – February 2022 – Mary Cheston, President
Posted on Feb 1st, 2022

Welcome Jack Espinal (Abbey Commons), Laura Loda (Shirley Park), Everett Lunsford (Village Walk), and Glen Mitchell (Village Walk) to the NTRA Board of Directors! January has been a rebuilding and organizing month for the Board. With four new Directors, we have spent time getting to know each other and setting up our priorities for this year. Lots of information and history still to share.
Our association’s Annual Meeting on December 16th had a robust turnout. Besides announcing the results of our Board election, there were presentations on the 2022 final Budget by our Treasurer, Everett Lunsford; our legal counsel’s status report on maintenance obligations for the BMPs and other areas in Village Walk; remarks from our new community manager, Anne Ingram; a recap of 2021 accomplishments with a safety awareness briefing on sidewalks and tree roots, and Member comment period. Most questions involved the Board’s decision to enforce the limits to landscaping in fenced yards (see related notice in Town Crier), voting to change the Governing Documents, access to contracts, and concerns regarding speeding on New Town streets (also in the February Crier). 
Many thanks to all the Board members who served during 2021 – Chuck Stetler, Mike Reilly, Dick Durst, Rick Fisher, Angela Lesnett, and Mark Burgess. Their dedication and hard work contributed to common area improvements as well as ten new or revised policies, draft Governing Documents, a new assessment methodology, and selection of a new management company. 2021 was a year that we certainly do not want to repeat, but despite upheavals the Board persevered and achieved many good things for our community. 
2022 promises to bring its own challenges. 
Before the holidays, Eagle Construction conducted a drone inspection of the roofs in Village Walk in response to NTRA data on roof leaks. Last week we were notified that the drone showed 30 homes with roof issues, largely exposed nails without caulking or shingle issues. Eagle offered to repair all items identified from the inspection at their expense, if done immediately. A Special Board meeting with Village Walk owners was held via Zoom on January 26th. The Board is evaluating proposals for an independent engineering evaluation of the situation and has advised Eagle that we will reply formally to their proposal at a later date, once we have this additional analysis. (See article in February Crier
In Charlotte Park, James City County reinspected the Phase 10 common areas (around Olive Drive and Christine Court) owned by Atlantic Homes in preparation for their turnover to the Association. (See related Crier article) Some locations, especially alley drainage, will require more remedial work. NTRA’s engineering firm Giles and Flythe accompanied the JCC team, and will be preparing a future report for the Board. Per our NTRA policy on “Turnover or Acceptance of Assets”, a homeowner meeting will be held when we have their findings and recommendations. 
The lease for the NTRA meeting space on Main Street has ended because the landlord found a new long-term tenant. The Board of Directors and most Committees will likely be moving their meetings back to a Zoom format. (Please check the website calendar for meeting locations.) Developers Realty has generously offered to find another location within the Shops at Main Street for our potential use. As we consider options for new space, we will keep you informed. 
Minor changes are coming in the landscape services schedule for 2022. Look for an article in next month’s Town Crier for more details. Meanwhile, I hope you have enjoyed the beauty of our recent snowfalls.
Chinese New Year – the year of the Tiger, symbol of bold actions - begins today, followed closely by the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Stay warm and settle in to watch the competition. As the traditional saying goes, “May this New Year bring immense joy and happiness.”  
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