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Message from the RAB Chair, February 2020
Posted on Feb 1st, 2020

Happy New Year to all residents of New Town....
I hope you are ready for a busy, exciting new prepared for changes in the community, starting with the transition to homeowner control and all it entails.
The nice weather has brought out a "bunch" of new people to work on the committees. With this fair weather, people are out discussing what they can do or help with during the coming months, to continue making this one of the most desired communities in which to live.
The Activities Committee helped end the year with a beautiful, classy party at Legacy Hall in December. Food was in abundance from Paul's Deli...can anyone forget those shrimp? Decorations, libations and beautiful people, who could ask for more from a holiday party? Kudos galore to the Activities Committee members. 
The Transition Committee has been working diligently on their review of the NTRA in particular:
  • All committee charters
  • Insurance policies
  • All outstanding contracts
  • All legal documents and covenants
  • All financial documents
The Transition Committee recommended and the the BOD approved the immediate restart of the Pool Committee. Several people have already responded to the eblast or website notice asking for volunteers to be on the committee. We want to make this a great year for our community pool. Starting early gives us this head start.
The RAB is still in the process of recruiting volunteers for all the committees. If interested in a committee, please review the various charters on the website and then indicate your interest to volunteer.  Be it the Activities, Pool, Landscape, Finance, Emergency Preparedness, Architectural Review or Asset Maintenance Committee, there is a place for each of you. This should be the year you share your thoughts and help make a difference. 
The BOD is working on the turnover of the NTRA to homeowner control by April 2, 2020. Elections will be held in early April. So get ready to vote!!! No not that one!! that one is in November.... ours is in April. Thanks. More details to follow.  
Meanwhile, get ready for should be peeking out shortly. And look for a surprise near the pool from some of our local artisans. Can anyone say "library on a post"?  We look forward to using this new addition during the coming months. 
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