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A Salute to the RAB
Posted on June 1, 2020 7:00 AM by Mary Cheston
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It always seemed like a thankless job – not quite in power, advisory to a Developer Board of Directors that could overturn whatever you planned or expected, acting as a sounding board for everyone’s complaints, and responsible for “day-to-day oversight” without the ability to actually task or hold our Managing Agent, Town Management, accountable. Yet since September 2010 New Town has been blessed to have had a group of residents who volunteered to serve on the Residential Advisory Board (RAB) as the eyes and ears of the community. Better yet, many of these members served for multiple terms!
The charter of the RAB described one of their challenging purposes - to “advise the Board as to the consensus of the Members on Association matters and bring to the attention of the Board matters of special concern.” Hmmm, there’s that word “consensus”…Consider some of the dicey issues the RAB had to grapple with:
  •        establishing committees
  •        building a community pool
  •        lack of meeting space
  •        community garden
  •        covenant violations
  •        starting home maintenance inspections
  •        changing landscape contracts
  •        trash & recycle bins (debated since 2013 – yikes!)
  •        integrating the Village Walk development into the NTRA
  •        replacement reserves
  •        how to keep residents involved in the association and their community neighborhoods
With the new homeowner Board of Directors taking office this month, the RAB will no longer exist. So on behalf of all residents of New Town, THANKS to all who stepped up for your service through the years. We may not have always agreed and you may not have always felt community support, but we are glad you were there.
RAB members have included:
Jim Bowers
Lisa Kavitz
Jean Brown
Angela Lesnett
David Burket
Kathy Lesnevich
Ron Campana
John Marston
Joseph Cesario
Melissa Schap
Phil Chapman
Chuck Stetler
Mark Dalzeil
Lisa Trichel-Beavers
Stefanie Evans
Bill Voliva
Rick Fisher
Tim Weidman
Curtis Griffin
John Wright III
Dave Holtgrieve
Lance Zaal
(My apologies if we have missed someone in reconstructing this list. Know that we are grateful to you also!)
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