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NTRA Welcomes New Members to Communications Team
Posted on February 1, 2020 7:00 AM by Lucy Painter
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A Thank You and Farewell
For the past three years, Town Crier Editor Phil Casey steered the newsletter through changes with a new website, new members, and much business to report. He served one year past his assigned term to help with transitions within the Communication Committee, but in December he resigned to pursue other interests, including more time to devote to his music.
During Phil’s time as Editor, the Town Crier was published on the New Town Residential Association website as well as in print, available to all interested in the activities and news of our community.  Much of Phil’s responsibility as Editor lay in the need to format both print and electronic editions of the newsletter, a time-consuming task that involved design skill as well as patience. 
We as members of the Communication Committee thank Phil for his dedication to the Town Crier over the past three years, for his creativity and dependability in insuring its publication for each of the eleven scheduled months each year.  We will miss him. We also thank him for his willingness to help the transition and be available to the Town Crier’s new Editor, Max Pfannebecker, who begins his term with the February 2020 issue.
And Welcome
With the departure of Phil Casey, the Communications Committee welcomes local resident Max Pfannebecker as our new Editor and thank him for his willingness to take on the role, especially as we go through our transition period in 2020.
Max attended the University of Wisconsin – River Falls where he majored in English Education and Journalism. He comes to Virginia through his work with Sysco Foods where he now serves as District Sales Manager for Sysco for Williamsburg and the surrounding areas.
A resident of Chelsea Green since 2018, Max is also President and founder of Triangle Skateboard Alliance, a nonprofit organized in 2017 to support skateboarding in central and coastal Virginia with the mission to increase the number of skate parks in the area as well as to serve the local communities in raising funds for projects such as providing food and school supplies for families in need.  The Williamsburg Community foundation recently awarded the Alliance a grant to support youth sports and summer camps in the area this summer.
In his “spare” time, Max enjoys painting, sculpting and woodworking as well as fishing and kayaking in the area waterways.  New Town is his home, and he looks forward to being involved in the growing number of activities and events here in the community we share.
The Communications Committee also welcomes two new members: Patti Vaticano and Christian Kent. You may run into Patti if you visit Edgeworth Park in our neighborhood where she greets visitors when she is not writing articles for the Town Crier. Christian brings to the committee much experience with social media and will be working toward enhancing our presence on Facebook and on the website.
With new members and old, we begin 2020 with many changes and much to do.  We thank you as residents for your past support and look forward to hearing from you in this new year.
Lucy Painter, Committee Chair
Comment By: Rebekah Roberts
Posted on February 20, 2020 10:22 PM

Thanks Phil for your leadership and hard work.
Welcome to all the new members!