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Recruiting New NTRA Board of Directors
Posted on January 9, 2020 10:45 PM by John Marston, Homeowner Member of the BOD
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On April 1, 2020 the New Town Residential Association (NTRA) will transition from a Developer-controlled Board of Directors (BOD) to governance by a Home Owner-controlled BOD. The new BOD will have 5 homeowner members with no more than two Directors from any one neighborhood.  More often than not, Home Owner Association (HOA) members wake up one morning to find out they are in charge without a clue of what to do.  Fortunately, the Developer of New Town provided for a Residential Advisory Board (RAB).  In the past few years, the RAB was given a lot of responsibility.  The RAB has taken steps that will provide the new BOD with a firm foundation. During the Fall of 2019, a Transition Committee made up of homeowners was chartered by the BOD.  The Transition Committee has already started a detailed review of documents, financials, insurance and development of policies and procedures.  The current contract with Town Management continues in the coming year so daily operations should go smoothly during the transition.  The recent Reserve Study shows that we are in good condition to repair and replace our amenities.  The RAB minutes, Town Crier articles, and Transition notes are posted on our Web. There is much to do.  But, we are in an excellent position for a smooth transition. 
There is one big task that needs to get underway now—recruitment and identification of candidates of the new BOD.   This means that the community needs YOU to consider running for the BOD yourself or to encourage a Homeowner you know to be a BOD member.  The Articles of Incorporation of the NTRA specifies that within 90 days after the expiration the Developer control (April 1, 2020), a new BOD controlled by Homeowners will take place.  There will be a special meeting of the Developer controlled BOD early in April 2020 for the BOD to officially disband.  So, we will want to have the new Board elections as soon as possible. With only two months to go before the Transition, it’s time to talk with neighbors who might consider running for a BOD position or consider running for a position yourself.
A primary responsibility of the BOD is to protect our property values and enforce the Declarations. The new BOD will take over the governance of the NTRA and be responsible for the operation, administration, and maintenance of common property.  A qualified Director will understand business and financial procedures, a strong knowledge of the Declarations, and applicable laws.  However, a successful BOD will also take steps to insure a good quality life for all residents.  This includes energetically supporting Committees, and working closely with New Town Commercial Association.  As in any leadership position, interpersonal relationship and conflict management skills are essential and the ability to put the needs of the Homeowners and NTRA first. Article IV of the Amended Bylaws in the Declarations has the details of the duties of the Directors.
The duties of the BOD may seem daunting but there are many supports in place to support the new Board. As part of the transition, the new BOD will receive training from the NTRA Attorneys who have a reputation as among the best legal practices for HOAs in Virginia.  The new BOD will also have access to the Homeowners who have served on the RAB and Transition Committee.  The RAB has recommended that monthly BOD meetings will be held in the evenings.  Attending the RAB meetings is good way to find out what is happening and specifics about the transition.  Also, be sure to read the Town Crier and look for messages about the transition and how and when to apply to be a candidate for the BOD.
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