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NTRA Emergency Preparedness Committee
Posted on December 1, 2019 7:00 AM by Lucy Painter
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If you have lived in eastern Virginia for years or even months, you know we are not immune to disasters and emergencies including power outages and flooding. Our weather is unpredictable and often dangerous. High winds, heavy snow and rain may affect our area, often without much warning. These are the times when our Emergency Preparedness Committee goes to work.
Under its Charter established in May, 2016, this committee coordinates safety plans to residents in incidences of dangerous weather, civil emergency or any disaster in the area. During these times, the committee members are in immediate contact with the James City County Police Department for further information. They report to residents on the nature of the emergency and plans for safety, including evacuation if necessary, through e-blasts. They also have access to the HOA-owned trauma backpack stored in the pool building, a valuable first-aid kit.
Under the leadership of Chair Tom Nichols, the committee has grown to nine members, including seven who are CERT trained (Community Emergency Response Team). CERT is a 20-hour nationwide course that trains volunteers in disaster response skills.  Teams of First Responders and other qualified trainers serve as instructors for this rigorous course. In addition, three members are licensed operators for ham radio, a crucial part of communication in case of loss of electrical power and cell towers.   
As winter approaches and storms may threaten, feel secure knowing that the dedicated members of this team are working to ensure your safety through communication and response. Keep alert and stay safe.
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