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Home Exterior Inspections Begin This Month
Posted on July 1, 2024 6:58 AM by Everett Lunsford
Submitted as Board Liaison to Asset Management Committee
Hello NTRA Neighbors!
Recently the 2024 home exterior inspection schedule was sent to NTRA residents signaling the start of the annual inspection process. This is your association’s way of ensuring all the homes are kept beautiful, making everyone proud of New Town and the area in which we live and play. The program was designed and adopted by the Board in 2018 to maintain the curb appeal of NTRA homes and the overall property values for all invested in New Town.
Chesapeake Bay Management Company, assisted by members of the NTRA Asset Maintenance Committee, will begin inspecting all home exteriors starting around July 18th in Village Walk. These inspections will proceed neighborhood by neighborhood to make sure all homes are up to standards reflected in the HOA Master Declaration and Rules and Regulations (available on the NTRA website). The goal is for all homes to be inspected no later than October 31, 2024.
Follow-up inspections for any locations with identified deficiencies will be conducted in each neighborhood after a 30-day period to allow for repair.
The inspection schedule is:
  • Village Walk – Thursday, July 18, 2024
  • Charlotte Park – Thursday, August 1, 2024
  • Shirley Park – Thursday, August 22, 2024
  • Chelsea Green – Thursday, September 12, 2024
  • Savannah Square – Thursday, September 26, 2024
  • Abbey Commons – Thursday, October 10, 2024
Note: These dates are all weather dependent.
Please review the areas we will be inspecting as shown in the 2023 revised Self-Checklist for Owner Inspection of Homes (so you can make any repairs necessary prior to the inspection.)  
Note for Village Walk -- while most exterior surfaces of Village Walk homes are the NTRA’s responsibility to maintain, there are items which are solely a homeowner responsibility. Consult the Village Walk Maintenance Responsibilities Chart.
What do I do if I receive a deficiency notice? If you receive a notice, respond with your “plan of correction” within two weeks. Violations come in all forms and the inspection checklist is on the NTRA website. The AMC also has compiled a list of vendors other owners have used in the past for repairs/maintenance. Being realistic, not all violations can be cured in a short period of time. The important thing to remember here is to provide your “plan of correction” to Chesapeake Bay Management ( as soon as your plan is worked out. A plan could be as simple as,
“I power washed the front of my house and the deficiency is corrected. I am in compliance.”
“I am researching house painters and obtaining bids. I will advise you by ____ (date)”
It is up to you, the homeowner, to maintain communication with Chesapeake Bay Management on progress being made to cure the deficiency.
Please understand that failure to communicate your plans and actions to correct inspection deficiencies can result in fines for not keeping your property in accordance with the NTRA requirements.
If you have any questions, please contact the Chesapeake Bay Management Office.
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