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Do You Know Where Fluffy Is?
Posted on July 1, 2024 6:45 AM by David Carter
Personally, our two felines are indoor only, except for the screened porch, which they enjoy year round watching, birds, bunnies, squirrels and the occasional other wildlife, like foxes, possums, snakes, and other critters who live here among us in New Town.

Letting cats roam outdoors unsupervised might sound ok, but it’s actually a risky business. The Nextdoor App is frequently full of news about cats gone missing. Unsupervised cats face a slew of dangers—from getting hit by cars to encountering unfriendly wildlife or other territorial cats. They might also catch diseases, get injured, or sadly go missing. Additionally, their natural hunting instincts can wreak havoc on local wildlife, turning your fluffy friend into a feathered fiend for birds and small mammals. I have witnessed this by a beautiful cat who often is let outdoors, and who also occasionally uses our mulch bed as a litter box! Not nice. Bad girl! 
To keep cats safe and the neighborhood wildlife intact, it’s best to keep them indoors ensuring everyone stays happy and healthy!
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