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Updates to Meeting Room Policy
Posted on May 1, 2024 6:45 AM by Ruth Burgess, Board of Directors
Categories: NTRA Business
A new NTRA Meeting Policy recently approved by the NTRA Board of Directors has been posted on the website. This policy and meeting room rules replaces prior meeting space requirements as well as the website automatic registration system. 

Here are some key points of the policy:
  • The meeting room is available for use only by the NTRA Board of Directors, NTRA Committees, and NTRA Clubs, or for Board-approved charitable activities.
  • Groups using the room must be comprised of NTRA members.
  • The room is not available for private parties.
  • The NTRA Board of Directors has the right to preempt other groups scheduled for the room as necessary
  • Groups using the room must adhere to behavioral and other guidelines in the General Rules statement, use room equipment properly, clean up after themselves, and make sure door is properly locked upon exit. A Responsible Person named on the Approval Form will be charged with responsibility for ensuring the room is used appropriately, as well as opening and closing/locking the room.
All meetings approved for the meeting room will be posted on the website calendar to avoid confusion, and problems double-scheduling of meeting room space.

A final note: our President, Jack Espinal did much of the work in drafting the new policy so that it easily met the approval of John and Sue Tarley, NTRA’s legal counsel. We have both Jack and the Tarleys to thank for this effort to ensure that we have clear and complete guidelines for our Meeting Room.
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