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Posted on October 1, 2019 9:00 AM by Lucy Painter
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As you know, much of what goes on in New Town does so because of dedicated volunteers who work on different committees to keep our community running smoothly.  With this issue, we begin a look at these different groups that impact our everyday lives.
Do you go to pool parties, talk with neighbors at the December Holiday parties, learn about happenings outside of our area at Noon Talks?  Thank the Activities Committee. Do you know what to do in an emergency, how to prepare, where to go in case of evacuation? Thank the Emergency Preparedness Committee. Are you reading this article online? Thank the Communication Committee.
These are only three of the seven committees that operate here. To let you know what each does and how it functions, we begin a series of articles highlighting their work and, in some cases, how you may get involved.
We begin with two committees that currently do not require volunteers - the Architectural Review (ARC) and the Transition Committees. The Board of Directors appoints these members, unlike other committee volunteers. 
According to the ARC Charter, the "ARC is empowered to provide for efficient review, approval, or disapproval of all plans submitted by Owners within the Association for additions to or alterations of the exterior appearance of completed structures of a property itself."  Vice Chair Libby Flowers explains that such changes are permanent alterations to the exterior of a home such as addition of fencing, storm doors, satellite dishes, solar panels, patios and decks, and change in exterior paint colors.
Once the ARC receives an application, its members visit the site of the proposal to see how that change would affect the neighborhood.  Traditionally the ARC members have worked to maintain the appearance of our community, the orderly and maintained sense of place it now has. 
Another important committee that impacts our community's future is the Transition Committee, now in process of completing its Charter.  In response to our request for information, Rick Fisher provided the following:
The Board of Directors (BOD), at the June 2019 meeting, directed that a Transition Committee be formed to ensure that a due diligence review is performed by an independent group of homeowners prior to the Transition from the Developer.  The Transition Committee will have an approved Charter and membership. The Charter will become a self-explanatory document that will be shared with all homeowners and will outline specific tasks that will be accomplished by assigned Committee members. 
During this process, there are many categories of work planned that cover our community from its fiscal to its physical health. Some categories included are review of documents, existing policies and procedures, nomination and election processes, insurance coverage and vendor contracts. More details of the scope of this committee will be available as the Charter is approved.
In future issues of Town Crier, look for more information on what is happening around you and how you may want to get involved. 
 (Editor’s Note:  After three years as editor, I solicit a volunteer to replace me.  If interested to learn more, please send a note to
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