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NTRA Annual Election for 2024 - 2025 Board of Directors - Starting Soon
Posted on December 1, 2023 6:50 AM by Ruth Burgess, Board of Directors
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The Annual Election for the New Town Residential Association (NTRA) Board of Directors is about to begin.
This December the NTRA membership will elect three association members to our board of Directors and we have three declared candidates for those positions. Two of these candidates are completing their current two-year terms on the Board.  They are Jack Espinal and Everett Lunsford. Jack is currently our board President and Everett Lunsford, a board member at large, until recently was serving as the NTRA Treasurer. (Now, Everett is helping our new Treasurer, Sommer Wrona, become acclimated to the Treasurer role). Ross Iaci was appointed to the Board in October and is the third candidate. All three candidates have brought insights and skills from previous work experience and/or voluntary leadership roles in other organizations to our association’s Board of Directors. 
Brief descriptions of each are posted on the NTRA website Election page.
Voting begins electronically on Wednesday, December 6. Paper ballots (to be mailed) must be received at NTRA CBM office by December 12, or brought to the Legacy Hall on December 13 before the close of the 6:30 pm - 7pm Annual Meeting Registration time. Nominations will also be taken from the floor. You may proceed and vote early on the candidates that have been nominated or you can submit your vote during the meeting in case you want to vote for anyone who is nominated from the floor.
Since we currently have only 3 candidates for the 3 available Board positions, you may wonder why it is important for you to vote. Here are some reasons:
  1. If you choose to vote early, your early vote counts as early registration for the Annual Meeting and helps establish the quorum needed for the meeting. That’s even if you cannot be physically present at the Annual Meeting.
  2. If you bring your ballot to the Annual Meeting and submit it as you register, you have added one more expression to the ballot count while also helping to establish the needed quorum.
  3. If you want to use the “write-in” option on your ballot in order to vote for someone not on the ballot, you may do so.
  4. Everyone serving on the NTRA Board of Directors needs the kind of community affirmation that getting a significant number of votes in an election can provide. Those of us who in the past have may have been elected or appointed to any position in any organization perhaps can appreciate best how being “elected by a majority” makes one’s service and voice seem more legitimate.
So, please vote in the upcoming annual NTRA Board of Directors election by E-Z vote or a paper ballot. Plan also to attend the Annual Members Meeting at Legacy Hall on December 13 if your schedule allows you to do so. Registration begins at 6:30 pm for the 7 pm meeting. By attending this meeting, you will be participating directly in our association’s end-of-year decisions and you also will learn election results.
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