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Pool Closes for 2019
Posted on October 1, 2019 9:00 AM by Phil Casey
Categories: NTRA Business
Our pool is buttoned up until the 2020 opening, but 2019 was a successful season. 
Attendance was steady from the year before and never became a problem.  The biggest crowds during the year were in fact during the NTRA sponsored pool party events for which attendance was estimated at 150.  This was the second year that we kept the pool opened for use during extra weekends in September.  The weather was good each weekend, unlike 2018, so we got a better idea of use.
The year end maintenance went smoothly with no major investments or maintenance actions known to be required to open in 2020.  Town Management will investigate costs for painting the “mushroom” fountain and for design modifications to the gazebo to prevent water capture and wood rot.
The furniture we bought to begin 2019 was integrated with existing furniture and will continue to be cycled through as indicated by wear.  To date, the new furniture is wearing well and the extra umbrellas provided welcomed shade throughout the season.
It was a quiet year regarding pool policies and rules.  No new rules were identified for consideration.  In fact, the only issue identified by residents to Town Management during the season was about the temperature of water coming from the newly installed drinking water fountain.  Speaking of that, we saved about 450 plastic water bottles via the new feature for filling reusable containers.
New plants were added around the pool border in 2019.  It turned out that the hydrangeas we used could not tolerate the heat well.  The landscaper will replace them with a hardier variety.
We were very lucky with our lifeguards this year.  They were a steady presence through the whole season.
So, that marks the close of the pool for 2019.  It’s a great year when the most pressing issue is that the drinking fountain dispenses too cold water!
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