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A Shout Out for Pool Season 2023!
Posted on May 1, 2023 7:30 AM by NTRA Pool Committee
The New Town Community Pool is set to open May 27th for the 2023 season. Your Pool Committee is excited to bring you a number of terrific improvements this year, in addition to continuing the very successful key card system, put into place last year. 
Through year-round efforts, the pool committee is happy to share that 10 brand new loungers have been added this year and the NTRA Board negotiated for additional lifeguards on weekends and holidays. In response to pool patrons’ feedback, the Committee has secured the NTRA's approval for a beverage vending machine at the pool this year and is working hard to get that in place prior to the pool opening this season. 
2023 Pool Rules and information has been sent via eblast to NTRA homeowners and is posted on the NTRA website’s Pool & Clubs page. May 11th is the target date for submission of the appropriate documents to Chesapeake Bay Management, whether you need to get your pool passes reactivated, or you’re a new pool pass user in 2023. You will find all of the instructions and documents here.  
An opportunity for new Residential Association owners to pick up passes (after appropriate document submission) at the pool is scheduled for Thursday, May 18th from 4:00-7:00pm. (Condo owners and renters in the New Town Commercial Association need to contact their own management companies to obtain or reactivate passes.)
Some new signage at the pool this year will help to keep the pool area secure and safe, while also informing residents of hours and events. Stay tuned for several events planned by the NTRA Activities Committee at the pool. A lot of effort, dedication and time goes into the three months of safe and fun pool days for the residents of New Town. Many thanks go to the friends and neighbors who serve on the committees and Boards to make this all possible! We look forward to seeing you at the pool throughout the season! 
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