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Got the Summer Doldrums? Try a Local Movie
Posted on August 1, 2019 7:00 AM by Mary Cheston
Categories: Life in New Town
With the sweltering heat and erratic storms, what better way to pass an afternoon or evening than watching a movie in air-conditioned comfort. Our community has two nearby places to do just that.
Both Movie Tavern at High Street and Regal 12 New Town offer specials for children during the summer. Regal 12 shows $1 children’s films on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 AM (called Summer Movie Express).  According to Regal’s Manager, they are generally movies released in the past 18 months.  Movie Tavern has a similar Kids Dream Summer Filmfestival on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday mornings for $3 through August 14.
Value pricing is a regular feature at Movie Tavern.  Seniors get a special Young at Heart rate of $6 on matinees Fridays before 5:30 PM. They also show “Timeless Classics” -- popular old musicals and dramatic films at 3PM on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. On Thursdays, any students or faculty with an ID can enjoy free popcorn and a movie for $6. 
Both locations have special reduced prices all day Tuesday to draw in customers - $5 at Movie Tavern, $5 for Regal members with a membership card. 
What about viewing live performances?  Several Fathom Events will be coming to Movie Tavern including two Metropolitan operas, documentaries on comedian Kathy Griffin, “Live with Margaret Atwood,” and on 9/11 a documentary on Gander, Newfoundland entitled “You Are Here.” 
As for what movies are coming up and how early you can plan your weekend, New Town Regal is only notified of their bookings on Wednesday. Their corporate office makes decisions on what to show based on weekly receipts. Because New Town is a smaller, 12 screen venue, films will rotate out quicker if new releases are expected to be popular. Marcus Theaters publishes upcoming release dates on their Movie Tavern website. If it seems that both locations show similar films, that’s a corporate headquarters decision as well.
So take advantage of having these theaters close by and check out their websites/apps to see what deals are available. 
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