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Pool Party Chatter
Posted on August 1, 2019 7:00 AM by Phil Casey
Categories: Life in New Town
The NTRA Activities Committee organized a very successful party at the pool on the evening of July 17.  When I arrived at 7PM, I could not even find a chair!  They served over 150 hot dogs (donated by Paul’s Deli) and provided drinks for a hot summer night.  The crowd dissipated quickly at the end as the sky darkened, more with threatening clouds than with the coming night. (Pictures at the bottom.)
But before that happened, I randomly approached several attendees and asked for their ideas about this guy.
It’s the frog in the fountain outside the Regal Theater.  The majority of folks could identify where the picture was taken but they were pretty evenly split on recalling that there is a frog.  Even so, after studying the picture, everybody was willing to offer an opinion on what he or she is doing.  
Ellen and Mark Tibbles of Center Street were at the party with their daughter Emi. They are newcomers to New Town. They were the first to offer me an opinion that made me realize the frog is not necessarily doing what I thought. I assumed he was running around in a circle, maybe to amuse or impress one of the other frogs in the fountain. But the Tibbles think he is dancing in fountain’s sprays.
Virginia and Dick Barch of Charlotte Park recognized the fountain, but had been unaware of the frogs.  However, they had the marvelous insight that the frog is doing Tai Chi!  Kind of like those Zumba sessions in the community pool.
Even though Karin and Don McQueen of Chelsea Green have been here only two weeks, they recognized the frog.  They believe he is preparing to belly flop from his upper perch into the bottom bowl of the fountain.
Tracy and Jon Waible of New Town Avenue split on whether they had seen the frog before. But their impression leaned again towards dance; possibly a synchronized swimming performance with the other frogs in the fountain.  If you think about it, that would be a super cool thing to watch while sitting on a bench with a frozen yogurt.  
And suddenly, the crowd was gone.  But thanks to the folks who talked to me about New Town’s whimsical frog statuary. And thanks to the Activities Committee for putting on another fine event that brought people together from across New Town.
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