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New Town Residential Association (NTRA) and New Town Commercial Association (NTCA): What’s Their Story?
Posted on December 1, 2021 9:10 AM by Larry Salzman, New Town Associates LLC
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About 20 years ago, when New Town was getting started, it became apparent that an association of owners (residential and non-residential) would be needed. A leading expert was consulted as to whether one association or two associations would be best. There were good points and bad points with either choice. The expert advised us that some forms of homeowner mortgages might not be available if the homes belonged to an association that included commercial properties. This factor contributed to the decision to have two associations. One, the NTRA, would include only homeowners (townhouses, freestanding houses, etc.) and the other, NTCA, would include mostly business owners (offices, retail spaces, restaurants, banks, apartment buildings, etc.). 
New Town had always shared the use and the cost of upkeep of lots of things (parks, playgrounds, management, community events, holiday decorations, dog station bags, banners, walking trails, benches and more) and the NTRA and NTCA amicably shared responsibilities for the various items. 
In 2015, as New Town got larger and more complicated, the two associations considered whether a formal agreement between NTRA and NTCA to work together was a good idea. It did not seem practical that each association might have separate holiday decorations, or that a transformer on NTCA land serving street lights on NTRA land could be a problem, or that dog station bags would only be for one association.  
As a result, with separate legal representation and active negotiation by members of both associations, an Amenities Use Easement and Agreement (the Agreement is available on the NTRA Website) was created, executed, and recorded with James City County.  This document formalized the sharing agreement between NTRA and NTCA for the use and costs of many things in New Town.  The committee dealing with shared amenities has met at least annually since 2015, with representatives from NTRA and NTCA in attendance, to review the shared amenities in New Town.  The result has been a reasonable and practical process for sharing the amenities that make New Town such a great place to be.
After all, without the residents the commercial area would be just another shopping/office district and without the businesses the residential area would be just another subdivision. The residents are good for the businesses and the businesses are good for the residents. That’s part of what makes New Town special and so successful.
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