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Some Parting Thoughts from Town Management
Posted on December 1, 2021 9:08 AM by Randy Casey-Rutland
Categories: NTRA Business
It has been my privilege to serve the NTRA for the past 15 years as the President of your association management company, Town Management.
In my years working with the NTRA, New Town has grown from a few streets and isolated buildings to a nearly complete lively attractive locale for living, working, dining, shopping, and recreation. The days of ever-present construction vehicles and large piles of dirt and building materials are largely over (unless you live in Shirley Park). Construction of buildings and roads, however, is in many ways the easiest part of building a strong community. 
Strong communities require neighbors who get to know one another and who treat each other with civility and respect. Communities like New Town include people of different backgrounds, priorities, perspectives, and financial wherewithal. Maintaining New Town as a good place to live requires residents to pay attention to diverse voices and, when things seem rough or confusing, to give one another the benefit of the doubt. Strong communities need good leaders -- people who are wise and willing to volunteer their time and talents to the benefit of all. But good leaders also need support and gratitude from residents. Even the best Board members and community leaders cannot make everyone happy all the time. Strong, healthy communities are filled with members who work together toward common goals, who extend a sense of confidence and trust toward one another, who welcome newcomers, who care for neighbors who may need a bit of help, and who listen to and work with others with flexibly and joy.
When a new resident moves into New Town, they move into a house. It takes stories and love and memories and friends and family to turn the house into a home. In the same way, communities are more than collections of residential dwellings. Healthy communities are filled with people who are less concerned with getting their own way and more invested in building the kinds of relationships and practices that make the whole community a good place for all its residents.
On behalf of all the Town Management staff, it has been our honor to serve the NTRA through these years of growth. As you build a new relationship with a new management company, we wish you all the best. We hope for the NTRA a long future as a strong vibrant healthy community.
Randy Casey-Rutland
President, Town Management
November 2021
Comment By: Ruth Burgess
Posted on December 2, 2021 6:10 PM
Randy, Thanks for taking the time to offer these thoughts on what it takes to build a community!