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Biking the Capital Trail
Posted on December 1, 2021 9:06 AM by Alison Douglas
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On a chilly Sunday morning in November, I, along with fellow New Town resident, Soo Bradley, decided to bike the nearly 52 miles of the Capital Trail from Richmond to Jamestown.  For two very amateur cyclists, planning, which was mainly done over a glass of wine, had been basic with a cursory glance at the website  but generally focused on the weather and where to stop for a picnic.  Thankfully our phenomenal support crew (husbands and children) were much more prepared and kept the food and cheering in good supply.  
We set off at 9:15 from Richmond and arrived just after it got (very) dark in Jamestown.  The course had some hills (including a rather unfriendly one right at the start!), but generally it was fairly flat.  After we left Richmond, we passed through fields, forests, parks and with the trees holding onto the last of the magnificent fall colors, we were taken by the beauty of the area.  The weather was kind – not too cold, not too warm and, thankfully, no wind or rain. 
For those who are unfamiliar, The Virginia Capital Trail is 51.7-mile multi-use trail which runs from Jamestown Settlement to Richmond.  It is fully paved and there is lots to see on the way.  The Virginia Capital Trail Foundation website informed us there were 45 attractions to see on the way from museums to creeks and Belle Isle to the Virginia State Capitol Building. For the historians among us, you also pass Richmond’s National Battlefield Park.  All the attractions are only a couple of miles from the trail and make for interesting rest stops.  There are also plenty of choices for eating and drinking along the way with over 50 eateries along the route and several picnic areas.  If you are unfortunate enough to need bicycle repairs, there are repair stations along the way.  
The trail is well-maintained throughout, although there is currently some maintenance at the Greensprings part of the trail (around mile three), but a well signed detour is available.  If you do decide to cycle or walk all or part of the trail, it is worth perusing the Virginia Capital Trail website where you can find maps, closures and trail etiquette.
Comment By: Kate Licastro
Posted on December 1, 2021 10:29 AM
Great job, Alison and Soo! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!