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Applications Welcome for the NTRA Board of Directors (and Secretary)
Posted on November 1, 2021 6:06 AM by Phil Casey
Categories: NTRA Business
Did you ever volunteer to work for an organization and then spend most of your time just talking to other volunteers?  Well, I have.  Did you ever volunteer to work at an event and the most you did all day was point a couple of drivers to parking spaces they could easily have seen on their own?  I have.  Did you ever volunteer to help get out the word for a good cause and then spend four hours to hand out three pamphlets?  I have. 
Volunteering for NTRA is nothing like that.  I volunteered to edit the “Town Crier” and I worked with a group of people to put out 33 issues over the course of 36 months.  I talked to neighbors, service providers, local government officials, W&M faculty and others to get credible information of use to NTRA members.  I volunteered to be the secretary for the Board of Directors (BOD) during 2021 and always felt I was working on matters of consequence to the community.  If you volunteer to be on the NTRA Board of Directors, the time you spend will matter.
NTRA executes serious money – that’s your money being prioritized and spent for services aimed at improving your community. The Directors work very sincerely (and hard) to apply their life experiences to decisions with real impact.  I am the secretary (nonvoting officer), not a Director, so I am not patting myself on the back here – just recording what I’ve witnessed of the Directors’ efforts.  If you volunteer for the Board, you can expect to take on real issues, working with other good people on things that really need to be done and done well.  
As I write, NTRA is contracting with a new professional management agent.  So, this is a chance to be in on the new start.  I know the current Board looks forward to working with the new agent who, to date, has demonstrated a fresh attitude and brought new ideas.
So, that’s the pitch.  Volunteer to be a Director because your community seriously needs you.  The membership will vote on the new Board in December. All homeowners in good standing are eligible for election. And don’t forget the secretary job either.  I need to be replaced and if you’d like to try a nonvoting role, let us know!  (The secretary will be appointed rather than elected by the Members.)  
All you need to do now is send a one-page MS Word or PDF document to by November 12, 2021.  Your one-page application should have the following information:
·      Name
·      Address
·      Name of neighborhood
·      A brief bio showing your qualifications for being a Board Director
·      A short statement of why you want to serve on the Board of Directors 
The information will then be posted on the NTRA website for consideration by the community through the election period. 
You can also simply email us if you are interested in serving as the secretary. 
Comment By: William Voliva
Posted on November 1, 2021 6:38 AM
Great article... thanks, Phil, for your service.