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A Transfusion for the NTRA: The Challenge of Selecting a New Management Company
Posted on September 1, 2021 6:56 AM by Mary Cheston, Board of Directors
An HOA management company is the lifeblood of a community. When things are going well, you may take their presence for granted, blood is flowing along, so to speak. When the level of service is not meeting expectations, perhaps “clots” develop, then both the HOA and the management company need to assess what is in the best interests of our overall body.
Over the next 90 days, the New Town Residential Association will be searching for a new management company that the Board of Directors feels can best meet the needs of our community. The growth of New Town and the issues that remain from the period of Developer control pose significant challenges to this task.
Why is HOA management such a difficult job? In order to administer the services and operations of the Association on a day-to-day basis, a management company must possess a wide variety of knowledge and expertise. Just think about some of the specialties involved: accounting and finance, property maintenance, contract administration, regulatory compliance, insurance, human resources, communication and good customer service. Then perhaps consider thanking Town Management for their years of work on our behalf in these areas.
The success of our Association will depend on the Board selecting a well-qualified professional management company that encompasses these diverse specialties. A Management Company Search Committee has been formed and an RFP has been distributed. Working together we hope to thoroughly investigate our options over the next 60 days to provide for a smooth transition period. The criticality of this decision has caused the Board to defer some initiatives and reprioritize the timing of our vote on new Governing Documents. In other words, we are stepping back to breathe a bit deeper and improve our own circulation if you will.
We anticipate that a new management company will cost significantly more than what NTRA Owners have been paying. We need to budget for quality service and the level of professional support it requires.
We will provide updates and more information to you as the process evolves. Meanwhile, continue to pay your dues and request assistance through Town Management. Nothing has changed yet!
The NTRA has burned through five Directors (three for serious medical issues) in our first 14 months as a homeowner-controlled association.  The hemorrhaging of our volunteers must stop. We need a management company equipped to relieve more of the burden of running our Association.  We hope that Association Members will support and welcome any new organization that partners with us to keep New Town healthy and flourishing.
Comment By: Kathleen Lesnevich
Posted on September 3, 2021 2:21 PM
Whatever management company we use there will be issues. The previous RAB was always able to resolve issues. This is a significant change and I would advise this decision be given more time. Right not there is not a stable board with the resignations.

REPLY: The Residential Advisory Board (RAB) was, as its name states, an advisory board; it had no authority. Town Management did not report in any way to the RAB, and the RAB did not direct any activities of Town Management. RAB Members were not privy to many of the issues that the Homeowner Board of Directors is now dealing with.

Our Association Bylaws provide 90 days’ notice for the mutual termination of the Management Agent’s contract; we are adhering to this timing.

The Board of Directors is working with the best interests of the community in mind. Certainly, there will be a learning curve for any new management company. However, the Board feels strongly that there is more than enough stability at this point to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

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