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Why Village Walk Is a Unique NTRA Neighborhood
Posted on September 1, 2021 7:00 AM by Jim Ducibella
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As one resident there put it, “Village Walk is a different animal.”
Nowhere is that borne out more than in the proposed Village Walk Supplemental Declaration, where the additional services that owners pay for are itemized. This single Supplemental Declaration would replace the six previous versions -- all written for this one neighborhood.
Before answering why that is the case, a tiny bit of history.
In June 1998 the Proffers for Section 9 of New Town were recorded in the James City County Clerk’s office. “Settler’s Market at New Town” would be maintained as a stand-alone development and not be subjected to the covenants, restrictions, terms and conditions of New Town.
In the intervening years, the proffers were modified several times first to bring the residential development into the New Town Commercial Association, then later to provide the option of moving it to the New Town Residential Association (NTRA) which finally occurred in 2014 through another Supplemental Declaration. And the NTRA is where Village Walk lives to this day, albeit after a change in name and builder.
Additional Services to Village Walk
What distinguishes Village Walk from other NTRA neighborhoods is the condominium-model of services that is stipulated in their Supplemental Declarations. Village Walk owners receives routine landscape to their Common Areas, but in addition, townhomes receive:
  • Annual termite inspection and treatment
  • Inspection and maintenance of sprinkler systems
  • Repair or replacement of roof shingles, felt, sheathing and flashing
  • Repair, maintenance or replacement of gutters and downspouts
  • Maintenance of exterior surfaces limited to cornice, trim and siding (not door windows and frames
  • Periodic painting of painted exterior surfaces, including doors, trim and cornice
  • All Common Area irrigation services, including repairs and maintenance.
Due to these additional services, Village Walk owners pay an additional Village Walk Reserve Fund contribution and owners have always paid an annual “Exterior Maintenance Assessment” over and above what the rest of NTRA owners pay. Everything extra was lumped into this category of exterior maintenance. The Finance Committee developed a plan in 2014 to determine how this money would be collected and used, and under what circumstances. This has evolved over time so that a Village Walk repair request system was recently established.
What is changing? Rather than using the term “Exterior Maintenance Assessment” to encompass everything, these items are now itemized and proposed to be included in the Services Assessment or Exterior Maintenance charge, respectively, of owners’ Annual Assessments.
In keeping with the new Governing Documents’ overall philosophy that Services Assessments are shared among a group of homeowners, some other previously shared expenses have been broken out for Individual Assessments.
  • Maintenance of fire suppression (sprinkler) systems installed in some but not all 4-story Village Walk townhomes would be charged as a separate Individual Assessment only to those Owners with the systems.
  • Some townhomes were built using a post-tension slab system. The NTRA will maintain those elements, but the cost of doing so will be charged as an Individual Assessment only where that construction was used.
Yes, it may seem complicated. But the Board hopes it will also be fairer. Village Walk will have the same categories of assessment as everyone else in the NTRA (who are covered in the “Neighborhood Supplemental Declaration”), just laid out in a separate document.
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