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Posted on September 1, 2021 6:55 AM by Jack Espinal, Chair, Emergency Preparedness Committee
Ready or not -- disasters happen and they happen to people like you and me. 
Are you confident you can take care of yourself, family members, and pets during and after a fire, hurricane, tornado, or other emergency?  If the answer is “No,” but you want learn how training is available through James City County (JCC).    
From September 30 through October 23, 2021, JCC Emergency Management will conduct a complimentary, comprehensive 9-session, classroom and hands-on training program to interested adult county residents.  Training includes modules on Disaster Preparedness, Fire Safety, Terrorism & Disaster Psychology, First Aid, and more. 
Upon completion of training you will:
  • Obtain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for and survive a variety of disasters.
  • Learn why first responders may be delayed in arriving at large scale disasters and the importance and significance individual preparation.    
  • Receive a backpack containing materials and tools to use in caring for yourself and family in an emergency. 
  • Become qualified, but not obligated, to become part of the New Town Community Emergency Response Team. 
Question:  People often ask “What is the New Town CERT?”   
Answer:  New Town’s Community Emergency Response Team or CERT members are volunteers trained to assist in the event of an emergency in their community providing first aide and other assistance in the event first responders are delayed.  Training ensures all work is done safely.  While advantageous no prior medical training is required.  A variety of duties exist so that adult (18 and older) volunteers with differing abilities and disabilities are encouraged to volunteer.  CERT members come from all areas of our community; they are truck drivers, grandmothers, lawyers, retired military, secretaries, teachers, etc.   
CERT Basics
  • The objective of CERT is to safely assist New Town residents survive and recover from disasters as directed by the JCC Emergency Management. 
  • To participate one must be an adult 18 and over who residents in JCC.  All are welcome regardless of ability and/or disability.  
  • The training CERT members receive teaches basic skills and prepares individuals to provide assistance safely and effectively -- without placing themselves in danger.   
FEMA studies show that basic lifesaving skills applied rapidly after a disaster can save 40% or more of injured disaster survivors, who may not otherwise have survived. 
To be effective the New Town CERT needs to grow! Please consider enrolling in the training and joining the New Town CERT. ALL RESIDENTS OF NEW TOWN ARE WELCOME.
For additional Information on CERT contact Mike Powers at or call James City County Emergency Management at 757.565.7617.
For additional information on New Town’s CERT contact Jack Espinal, New Town CERT Team Leader at or 703. 946.5787.
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