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Back to School – Already?!
Posted on September 1, 2021 6:55 AM by Alison Douglas
Categories: Life in New Town
As a British family staying here in Williamsburg for a short time, we have been trying to make the most of our time in America and enjoy the differences between here and our home in the U.K.  Last Summer was our first in the USA and was dominated by Covid.  Although the virus still looms large and it hasn’t gone away, we wanted to pack this summer full of travel and American experiences.  We were lucky enough to make it to Florida (for the kids) and New England (for the adults).  Closer to home, the music in the New Town has been plenty, with the Brass Tap having some of the liveliest crowds. We managed to celebrate Independence Day at the beach in Yorktown watching the parade and seeing the dolphins swimming up the York River.  When its rained, the newly reopened New Town cinema has provided lots of entertainment (especially with its $1 Tuesdays and Wednesdays offer).  We can’t forget a summer of sport with the postponed Olympics finally taking place in Tokyo and, for us, we got to see England finally play in a soccer final when they played Italy at Wembley in London in the (again, postponed) Euro 2020. 
As the close of Summer is looming, our thoughts are turning to ‘Back to School’ activities.  So, back to reality…  With the mix of in-person and virtual learning, last year was a totally different experience for us all.  As of right now, for those who have opted for in-person learning, schools are planning on going back to in-person learning for five days a week. 
Due to bus driver shortages, the schedule for your children’s school may have changed, so check out the 2021-22 schedule here for start and finish times. Once again, the Virginia Departments of Health and Education is asking all students and staff (regardless of vaccination status) to wear face coverings during school time as well as on school buses.
Don’t forget that start and finish times may also have changed, so please remember to check WJCC and school emails and websites to get the accurate start time. 
Finally, please don’t forget that the school term starts a little earlier this year …  Happy back to schooling!
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