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The Grass Will Soon be Greener in New Town
Posted on April 1, 2021 7:00 AM by Landscape Advisory Committee
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New Town's neighborhoods comprise 350 acres. That's a lot of ground to cover! This year, the Landscape Advisory Committee (LAC) is working to improve the appearance of the turf that comprises a large portion of our community landscape. The New Town Residential Association Board of Directors approved a request from the committee to conduct a pilot of warm weather grasses, or WWGP for short. Varieties of these grasses, which are better suited to this environment, can be found in nearby communities, including the historic area in Colonial Williamsburg.
This pilot will test three types of grasses: Bermuda seed, Zoysia seed, and Zoysia sod. A 70’ x 25‘ marked area located opposite the Village Walk Clock Tower along Casey Boulevard will be designated for this purpose. Village Walk was selected as the location for this pilot because of its elevation, sun exposure, and availability of irrigation. Planting will commence in May with the observation period extending through the summer and fall.  The LAC, Town Management, and Virginia Lawn and Landscape will monitor the performance of each selection.  A five-year turf restoration plan will be developed based on the results of this study.
Community members are encouraged to observe the progress throughout the course of this pilot.  Comments or suggestions may be submitted to the LAC through the Report an Issue ticket process on the NTRA website.
Work is underway over several days in the historic Roper Park area. Limbing, trimming,and removing trees and debris will make for a more enjoyable experience when walking this park that we are so fortunate to have in our back yard. Or front yard as the case may be.
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