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Mailbox Maintenance: Latest Board Resolution Returns Responsibility to Homeowners
Posted on April 1, 2021 7:00 AM by Mary Cheston, Board of Directors
Categories: NTRA Business
At its March 2021 meeting the Board of Directors revisited the convoluted history of mailbox maintenance in New Town. Since the last policy on maintenance was adopted in 2019 (see May 2019 Crier article), the Association obtained cost information for repairs but had not funded this maintenance. Given the anticipated expense of this work, the Board has returned to the original 2011 NTRA policy position on mailboxes.
The rationale for this decision is that mailboxes are an exterior feature of a home provided as an improvement by the builder (per our Master Declaration). Owners are required to keep all improvements to lots “in good order and repair.” 
Further, mailboxes are a part of the NTRA’s home Exterior Maintenance inspection process and deficiencies are identified during inspection reports.  Such deficiencies in any part of the mailbox assembly (metal box, post/support, post cap and newspaper tube) must be corrected by the homeowner, in accordance with the Exterior Maintenance policy. All costs are to be borne by the owner of the mailbox, even for multi-family boxes where owners are expected to share costs.
In other words, get your paint brushes out! The March 25th resolution supersedes all previous policies. For a copy of the full resolution click here
Comment By: Michael Yackanich
Posted on April 18, 2021 3:42 PM
Thanks for the information Mary. Sounds like a reasonable plan. I posed a related question to the Contact-Us form but have not heard back. I originally posted it on 4/1, and I just resubmitted it. If that was not the appropriate place to ask the question - can you provide information on who I should direct it to (and how)? This comment box is too small (400 chars max). Thanks in advance!

REPLY: Unfortunately I do not have access to your question. Generally, using the "Report an Issue" feature is the primary way to ask questions/make comments. We do not have a way of tracking any information sent to the Contact Us feature - all of these inquiries go only to Town Management. You should contact Tim Grueter - for a reply to your question, unless you would like to resubmit it to the Board or another Committee via the ticketing system.

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