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Know Your Business: Comber
Posted on May 31, 2019 5:00 PM by Rebekah Roberts
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Traudie McCullock does not beat around the bush about Comber Physical Therapy & Fusion Chiropractic located on Discovery Boulevard. “I love coming here,” she asserts. My visit to Comber PT Williamsburg in New Town tells why Traudie and others feel that way and I thank Kim Owens, Director of Marketing for guiding me on a very informative and fun tour of this therapeutic facility.
Comber Physical Therapy and Fusion Chiropractic is the vision of founder, Erika Stephan. In November 2003, her vision came to life and today she is the owner of Comber PT and Fusion Chiropractic, Williamsburg in New Town and in Lightfoot. It is the peninsula’s only Integrated Clinic that “treats most any physical condition [relating] to the musculoskeletal system and offers women’s and men’s health therapies” This year marks the 15th anniversary of Comber PT & Fusion Chiropractic and they are definitely not slowing down.
My visit began in the main building where physical therapy was in full swing addressing head, neck, shoulder, back, foot and ankle conditions. Sue Mulnix, a resident of Charlotte Park shared this about her physical therapy at Comber PT. “I went to Comber after I had my right knee replaced. I found the staff friendly, caring, and professional and, of course, convenient. Sue went on to say, “I was pleased that the techs were allowed to adjust their schedules so they could go to classes to further their education in the field.” It was true that the environment was warm and friendly, and I sensed the remaining part of my tour was going to get warmer. We were headed for the Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) program…yep, boxing.
Upon entering the recently renovated and expanded gym with updated equipment my education began. The Comber PT Williamsburg facility “is the sole outpatient provider of the LSVT® [Global] BIG protocol; i.e. an exercise treatment program for people with Parkinson's disease (PD)…based on the principle that the brain can learn and change (neuroplasticity).” It works on the same principle as the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT), which uses bigness of movement to improve movement quality in PD. Exercises involving boxing techniques and boxing equipment fit the protocol. The participants are called “fighters” and three of them joined the Lead Coach/Program Director, Rachael Carter to explain that “Big” in the RSB protocol stands for the increase of amplitude, with whole body movement, motor skills, and overall function. Rachael also contributed that her background in martial arts, her training in physical therapy and her personal experience with family members who have Parkinson’s disease afford her the skills, interest, and understanding to work with the fighters in RSB. Her face lit up as she talked about them.     
Bob Golub spoke next and he was emphatic about the camaraderie among the fighters and with their Coach. He shared that they “understood each other’s problems and were able to help each other” and Traudie added that the “support for one another was so important.” Melissa Hough contributed that the program “helps all the symptoms” and that she comes five times a week to RSB. The three fighters were in total agreement about another fact too. Rachael is a great trainer who is a part of the group and an active supporter of them all. Their faces lit up as they spoke about her. Among the many new programs for the Parkinson’s patients at Combers PT/ Rocks Steady Boxing, Williamsburg is a modified, boxing chair class for those who cannot participate in the higher intensity RSB classes. Comber/RSBW has also partnered with Brookdale Senior Living to provide a monthly Parkinson’s support group meeting. Kim is busy with outreach to local doctors such as inviting them to an evening RSB class called “Box with your Doc”, held on May 16th. They plan to continue those evening classes so area doctors can experience RSB with their patients. Hats off to the RSBW program, all the Comber PT treatment programs, the entire staff, the fighters and patients who make it no secret that they are grateful for the benefits of physical improvement, growing energy, and gratifying camaraderie.  
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