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Know Your Business: Award-winning Pet Sitting Service Moves to New Town:  Wagging Tails
Posted on December 1, 2020 7:00 AM by Patti Vaticano
Categories: Life in New Town
Seven years ago, Michelle Daikos, was an interior designer, until her then pet care provider, who was in need of some extra sitters, asked Michelle if she’d like to help out by walking a few dogs for her on the weekends.  Michelle did so--and loved the experience so much, she decided to start her own pet sitting company.  Wagging Tails has operated in the Greater Williamsburg Area since then, but Michelle, a brand-new resident in New Town, now manages Wagging Tails out of her new home in Chelsea Green.  Michelle “loves living in New Town,” where she can walk everywhere to services and entertainments and where “everyone is so friendly.”
And New Town is fortunate to have Wagging Tails in its midst.  Five-time winner of The Virginia Gazette’s Best Pet Sitting Business in Williamsburg and recently, the 2020 Neighborhood Favorite as the Best Pet Service in Williamsburg by Nextdoor, Wagging Tails is not the common variety pet sitting business that utilizes neighborhood amateurs.  “We are an elite service and have as many as 14 pet sitting professionals, throughout the year,” Michelle proudly declares.  “We strive, in every way, to excel in every category as the finest dog walking and pet sitting business in the Greater Williamsburg Area.  Many of New Town’s professionals who use our services tell us how much they value the care options we offer and the walking paths we make available.  We utilize New Town’s diversity of wooded trails and business routes to walk their dogs to not only address daily exercise needs but to enable their pets to socialize with their favorite four-legged neighbors.”  
Wagging Tails offers a variety of pet services to its clientele.  Besides pet walking, it offers a Pet Taxi service, transporting client pets to and from doggie day care or the vet and an overnight service which provides an overnight pet sitter in the client’s own home.  In addition, there is a “Bed and Biscuit” option that offers pet care in the sitter’s own home.
“We are expanding our services, currently,” says Michelle, “to include a new program called Nails and Trails which offers walking, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, as well.   We hope to offer a full line of pet grooming services in the very near future.”
In response to a question about the challenges of COVID for the business, Michelle replied, “Wagging Tails closely monitors the CDC and WHO recommendations in regards to containing the spread of COVID-19.  Our team members are committed to taking every health precaution possible and strictly abide by all the safety and health guidelines available.  In addition, we offer a no-contact service.  The safety of our clients and their pets and our own team members are, at all times, of utmost concern.  All our sitters wear facial masks and bring their own leashes.
Wagging Tails website can be found at or just pick up the phone and call Michelle at 757-230-7960.  You can email Michelle, as well, at
When you are out and about in New Town, keep an eye out for the Wagging Tails’ Pet Mobile!
Comment By: Michelle Daikos
Posted on December 2, 2020 10:15 PM
Thank you for interviewing us. We are so appreciative of our neighbors welcoming us to New Town. Just a note that we are not a new company. We have been servicing Williamsburg since 2013.
Comment By: Maxwell Pfannebecker - EDITOR
Posted on December 3, 2020 5:19 PM
Thanks, Michelle. I have removed "new" from the headline. We wish you great success and welcome to New Town!
Comment By: Michelle Daikos
Posted on December 3, 2020 6:26 PM
Thank you Max! Happy to have you as my neighbor