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Communication Helps It Happen! Part Two - Communications FROM Your Association
Posted on November 1, 2020 7:00 AM by Mary Cheston, Chair, Communications Committee
Categories: General, NTRA Business
Two overarching objectives govern our work on the NTRA Communications Committee – providing transparency and timeliness of information to the New Town community. 
The NTRA website is now 18 months old and is the primary vehicle for all Association communications. Hopefully, you have noticed the ways in which our new Board of Directors (BOD) is getting the word out.
How are we demonstrating transparency? CHECK OUT THE NTRA WEBSITE!
  • Adding documents to the website that the previous BOD had not made available, e.g. 
    • NTRA Financial Reports
    • Replacement Reserves Study
  • Sharing BOD meeting agendas well in advance of monthly meetings
  • Website Calendar: posting Zoom links to all public NTRA meetings (If you find a broken link, please use the meeting number and password to log in.)
  • Hosting a new dedicated Board of Directors page – all homeowner-controlled BOD bios, meeting agendas, minutes, etc. are in one location. No need to hunt for relevant decisions.
  • Providing opportunities for residents to comment: through the website ticketing system or beneath Town Crier articles.
  • Building and reorganizing our FAQs to cover common questions.
How are we promoting timeliness?
  • "Notices" page of website – putting the latest NTRA news immediately on the first page after you log into the site
  • Monthly Crier articles on Board actions – to provide some context/background and explanation for important topics (e.g. this month’s Budget Challenges piece, Opt-out landscaping, bench refurbishment)
  • Eblasts
  • Facebook posts, e.g. security situation in Charlotte Park
  • Monitoring all “Report an Issue” website entries and reporting to the BOD (e.g. we added a new “streetlight problem” category to correct confusion on which Committee/group to select)
  • Pursuing Committees’ obligations under the NTRA’s governing documents to share meeting records in a timely manner.
Where is information shared?  
To stay informed of the information most important to homeowners, be sure you are registered on the NTRA website: Not only is the website the source for documents, but registered users also receive eblasts from the Association. All New Town residents, including tenants and New Town Commercial Association members, may register on the site. Be sure your contact information is current or you may miss important news!
Public information is available through the NTRA’s Town Crier articles and Facebook pages ( Have you “liked” our Facebook page? These public pages also mean that anything you comment on there is seen by the general public. 
How can you help? The information we publish is only as good as the information that we are aware of. We are not mind readers.
  • Share photos and information about your Committee’s work or your neighborhood events. 
  • Send in ideas for topics you might want to learn more about, either directly in an email ( or via the “Report an Issue” website ticketing feature.
Per Randy Casey-Rutland of Town Management, “Good communications via the website relies on NTRA Committees, the NTRA Board, and Town Management working well and working together.”
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