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Classy New Home for Birds in Magnolia Park
Posted on November 1, 2020 7:02 AM by Patti Vaticano
Categories: Life in New Town
Charlotte Park resident, Len Scharf, has always enjoyed re-purposing things for uses other than what they were made for.  Since moving to New Town, and with the permission from building supervisors, a favorite pastime of Len's has been reclaiming pieces of house columns, here in our community, for the creation of a variety of household items from tables to decorative pedestals for ornamental items. Inspired by the book, From Bauhause to Birdhouse:  Imaginative Housing for the Feathered Community, by Leslie Garisto, Len deemed a column would make the perfect birdhouse stand for local birds.  
From there, Len shared his idea with neighbors, applied to the Architectural Review Committee and then the Board of Directors for approval to install it in the common area of Magnolia Park. Among the issues to be addressed was ensuring that the long-term maintenance of the birdhouse would not be expensed to the NTRA.
After obtaining the NTRA’s approval, Len built a double-decker birdhouse of distinction. On the foggy morning of October 19th, Len and Dave Holtgrieve dug a hole for it--and installed it in Magnolia Park. The structure, a true “house” and not a feeder, will be maintained by Len and his wife Blanche in the future. It's not only a sweet haven for feathered friends but a lovely garden focal point for we earth-pound creatures to enjoy, as well.  Thank you, Len!  
Shown above, the installation crew: Len Scharf, Dave Holtgrieve and supervisor Blanche Scharf.
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