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Isaias Makes His Presence Felt in New Town
Posted on September 1, 2020 7:00 AM by Mary Cheston
Although Tropical Storm Isaias did not produce the widespread damage done to other Williamsburg communities, it did leave its imprint on Charlotte Park in New Town. According to Senior Community Manager, Tim Grueter, there were leaves and bark debris in the pool area and a few sidewalk median strip oak trees snapped and had to be removed. 
The most dramatic aftershock of Isaias was the felling of a 50-year old tulip tree on the property of Alice Mountjoy. This 85-foot tree clipped the deck of neighbors Chuck and Susan Stetler but luckily the damage was minor. According to Chuck, the crash came around 8 AM several hours after the tornado warnings when there was just rain in the area. The tree’s root structure had obviously weakened from the storm. This experience was also the Stetlers’ first involvement with Virginia’s homeowner’s insurance, i.e, damage to your property is your problem – even if caused by a tree from your neighbor!  
All the debris has now been cleared and both Alice and Chuck know the outcome could have been a lot worse. Good (landing) trees make good neighbors! 
Alice Mountjoy and Chuck Stetler admiring the tulip tree’s root system. 
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