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Meet Your Pool Staff (part one)
Posted on August 1, 2020 7:00 AM by Maxwell Pfannebecker
Categories: Life in New Town
If you're hitting the pool regularly to beat the summer heat, you've probably made acquaintance with the summer staff at the NTRA Pool. 
Kail Wade - Lifeguard
Kail is a 2019 graduate of Bruton High School and will be returning to Boston for his second year at Berklee College of Music where he's studying sound engineering. It should come, then, as no surprise that Kail's favorite hobby is music. He also enjoys reading, running, and weightlifting when he's not working at the pool. You can see Kail Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday keeping watch over the pool and its guests. 
William Adams - Attendant
When you first enter the pool you're sure to be greeted with a great smile, a pleasant demeanor, and a covid questionnaire from William, one of NTRA's pool attendants who helps keep the pool safe, secure, and clean. William is a rising Junior who is very much looking to get back to school and getting out on the football field at Lafayette High School where is plays left tackle (Go Rams!). Adams is a bit soft-spoken and admits he's a little on the shy side until you get to know him, so make sure to give him a warm welcome when you see him!
With new pool restrictions enacted due to Governor Northam's orders, the pool staff is working harder than ever to maintain a safe environment for you and your families. Please make sure to thank them for being here and be patient and courteous with the new processes as we move forward!
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