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Highlights from BOD Meeting, July 23
Posted on August 1, 2020 7:00 AM by Kathy Mullins
Categories: NTRA Business
The first meeting of the newly elected Board of Directors ran two full hours.  Even so, the Board was not able to address all business matters. The meeting ended without adjournment and will continue in Executive Session on Wednesday, July 29, at 6 pm.
Here are some points of interest from the July 23 session. 
Tim Grueter of Town Management reported that there are presently 502 homes in New Town, very close to the 505 homes projected by this time.
Tim was asked to set up a Zoom Acct to be managed by the Communications Committee chair.  The account will be used for committee meetings and other Zoom activities. These will be scheduled and announced on the NTRA calendar to encourage community participation.  
The BOD is seeking updated guidance on the display of political signs by homeowners.  Reminders of display rules will be sent out to homeowners in August.
Activities. The annual Pool Party will not be held this summer.  The Activities Committee plans a more Covid-friendly Frozen Yogurt event for the community in August.  The committee is exploring other ideas for community interaction that comply with Covid guidelines, for instance, Noon Talks conducted over Zoom.  Seven children participated in the Riddle Trail during the first week.  The committee feels that gaining some information about the number and ages of New Town children would help them plan family  activities.
Pool. Residents were pleased that the pool was able to open over the July 4th weekend.  Usage has averaged about 40 persons per day.  Highest usage, 121 persons, was recorded on July 4th.
Asset Management. The committee’s review of NTRA assets revealed that many are in need of maintenance. AMC was advised to prepare a prioritized list of these maintenance needs and costs for discussion with BOD. 
Walking Trails. The Landscape Company is under contract to provide specific routine maintenance of the trails. Other needs or amenities are considered projects and should be factored into budgeting.  AMC will consult with Jim Barnes and Town Management and prepare a report of Trail needs differentiated by maintenance or project, with estimated costs.  
Savannah Square Amendment: 47 affirmative votes are still needed to reach the required number to pass the amendment.  BOD will mount a campaign to reach all potential voters by mail. Any homeowner that has not already voted is asked to affirm the amendment. 
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