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Pet Showcase: Siri Vaticano
Posted on July 1, 2020 7:00 AM by Patti Vaticano
Categories: Life in New Town
This is a picture of one of the sweetest, little rabbits that has ever lived:  Siri, short for Sirius Black of Harry Potter fame.  I adopted Siri nearly 7 years ago from the Gloucester Matthews Humane Society.  He was then, just 2 years old and so timid that my vet deemed him “pathologically frightened.” It took me several years to get Siri to trust me and to allow me to rub his nose (the favorite delight of rabbits) and to pick him up when necessary.  
I lost my Siri suddenly in February of this year.  His favorite corners—and my heart—are empty.  He was the dearest little man, and I look forward to being with him, again, some day.  I simply refuse to believe animals go “poof” at death.  It would be contrary to the Nature of a Loving God.  And for those to whom it matters, the ancient Hebrews made no distinction between the spirit of man and the spirit of all other living beings.  The word they used to distinguish the life force of all creatures was ruach. They did not have a word for “soul.”
See you in The New Kingdom, Siri.
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