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Know Your Neighbor: Ed Elmore
Posted on March 30, 2019 11:35 PM by Lucy Painter
Categories: Life in New Town

You may have seen our neighbor Ed Elmore walking his Dalmatian Chompsie along the trails surrounding New Town.  Maybe you spotted them in town where businesses and restaurants are always happy to greet them, sometimes with a bowl of water for Chompsie on hot days.


Ed is originally from Baltimore, a fan of the city's Ravens and Orioles and the Colts who left that city years ago. He has lived since 1964 in the Tidewater area, most recently in Gloucester before coming to New Town. He left the Tidewater area for only five years in 1990-95 when his work sent him to Huntsville, Alabama. 


Before his retirement seven years ago, Ed worked as a civilian for the Department of the Army in the Training and Doctrine Command in Fort Monroe and later Fort Eustis. Each day he commuted to work from his waterfront home in rural Gloucester. Wanting a more convenient, walkable and lively community where he could continue his active lifestyle, Ed found New Town the perfect spot.  


Upon retirement from the Department of the Army as well as US Army Reserve, Ed has found the time to pursue the many activities he loves.  He fell in love with running while a student at Christopher Newport University where he ran track.  In earlier days, he competed in marathons including those in Boston, New York City, Virginia Beach's Shamrock, and the Marine Corps marathons. Today he continues to run regularly with a group of fellow enthusiasts.


Ed also loves biking, especially along the Virginia Capitol Trail, a route he loves for its safety from cars as well as its beauty.  He also hikes the many trails in western Virginia, including those around Crabtree Falls near Waynesboro. He once completed a multi-day backpack hike from Front Royal to Harper's Ferry. In his "spare time," Ed is politically active and an avid reader.


Chompsie, Ed's canine companion, is one of the many Dalmatians he has rescued after falling in love with the breed years ago.  Over those years he has given a home to several Dalmatians, male and female, but for the moment Chompsie is an "only child," although that may not be the case forever.  


When looking for the right place to live and play, Ed - and Chompsie - have found New Town the perfect place, so say hello when you see them.