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Playground Receives Vital Improvements During Shutdown
Posted on July 1, 2020 7:00 AM by Mary Cheston
The new multi-pipe drainage system at the New Town Community playground has been installed. Gilley Construction completed the repairs in June, and based on our mid-June torrential rain, the system is holding up well. If the playground mulch looks different, it’s because the old mulch had completely broken down from absorbing so much water, according to Senior Community Manager, Tim Grueter. This certified engineered wood fiber gives the playground a rustic look.
Of course, residents will have to observe the improvements from afar because the playground is NOT yet open. Issues of the association’s liability during the ongoing Public Health Emergency are still being considered. Also, no decision has been made on what additional equipment will be purchased with the funds contributed from the developer (see March Town Crier article). This choice is now up to our new Board of Directors.
Drainage system under construction
Completed work – but playground remains closed 
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