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Pet Profile - A Tribute to Blue
Posted on June 1, 2020 7:00 AM by Patti Vaticano
Categories: Life in New Town
(Submitted by Lisa Trichel-Beavers)
This is Blue, fierce defender of his deck located at 4471 Lydias Drive, aka “vampire dog,” as he preferred the quiet and anonymity of the dark for his long walks. Blue sadly passed over the Rainbow Bridge, last month, due to the complications of hemangiosarcoma. He will be sorely missed by his devoted family who loved and cared for him for 11 years.
In Tribute to Blue, an old turn-of-the-century hunting song from the Mississippi Valley.
Old Blue
I had a dog and his name was Blue
And I betcha five dollars he’s a good dog, too
Come on, Blue
You good dog, you
I shouldered my gun and I tooted my horn
And I went to get a possum in the new ground corn
Come on, Blue
You can come, too
Old Blue bayed, and I went to see
Blue had a possum in a ‘simmon tree
Come on, Blue
You good dog, you . . .
Well, Old Blue died and he died so hard
He shook the ground in my backyard
Go on, Blue
You good dog, you
Dug his grave with a silver spade
Lowered him down with a golden chain
Go on, Blue
You good dog, you
When I get to heaven first thing I’ll do
Take my horn and blow for Blue
Go on, Blue
I’m comin’ too . . .
Comment By: Natalie Hamilton
Posted on June 2, 2020 8:30 AM
Iā€™m sorry for your loss. RIP, Blue...????????