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Posted on June 1, 2020 7:01 AM by Admin
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Submitted by John Wright, NTRA homeowner and member of the NTRA Board of Directors
During the development of New Town, an error occurred that caused Savannah Square homeowners inadvertently to be subject to the commercial declaration of covenants for members of the New Town Commercial Association (NTCA), rather than the New Town Residential Association (NTRA). A number of lots in Savannah Square were never formally designated as being included within the Savannah Square Neighborhood. This error adversely affects those homeowners and needs correcting.
Our current declaration (Article II Section 2.2) has a process to add property to the Association with the consent of both the affected property owner and the developer (New Town Associates).  However, that authority expired on March 31, 2020 when developer-control of the New Town Residential Association legally ended. With the coronavirus emergency, 12 of the affected homeowners were unable to complete, notarize, and return the formal paperwork in time to be included with the correction made by the developer for 32 of the Savannah Square owners.
To correct this error now and in the future, the Board of Directors has proposed that the Association (through its new homeowner-controlled Board) be provided similar authority to add the remaining Savannah Square properties to the Association. To do so requires an amendment to the New Town Residential Association Declaration and the June special election provides the timeliest method to resolve this loose end. The NTCA agrees that this correction is appropriate.
Why should you care? Savannah Square residents have been paying dues, provided services and treated as a part of the NTRA for many years. This amendment ensures that they have the legal right to such treatment. It provides the new Board with the ability to correct an administrative issue that might otherwise negatively impact these homeowners. As a homeowner, wouldn’t you want your HOA disclosure documents to be clear and correct?
You may click here to read the text of the proposed amendment on the NTRA website. This amendment must be approved by 2/3 of the Association’s homeowners to take effect. Please help us correct this error – vote YES on Ballot Item #2 to APPROVE the First Amendment.
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