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Know Your Business: The Ivy Trellis
Posted on March 30, 2019 11:31 PM by Phil Casey
Categories: Life in New Town

So, what can you find at The Ivy Trellis? Owner and operator Rosa Mann says, “All my favorites things.  It’s like Oprah.  Only better!”


The Ivy Trellis is a new retailer on our Main Street that opened in New Town in March, 2019.  In all the variety on display, there is a logic of categories. There is home décor, home accessories and gourmet foods.  Does that cover it all?  Not really. You will have to go in and see for yourself because there is also the baby corner and all those handbags!


Rosa has been in the home décor business since 1994, always operating under the name of The Ivy Trellis.  She started the business in Farmville, VA.  (Side bar for New Town residents from other states:  if you have not gone furniture shopping in Farmville, plan a day trip.)  For about fifteen years, The Ivy Trellis was a full support interior decorating business, providing in-home design


Home décor products at Ivy Trellis


services, a show room for product sales and employing a support staff.  


When Rosa’s husband, Ed, began thinking about sailing and retirement, she re-invented the business as an on-line enterprise, still under The Ivy Trellis banner.  Then last year, she re-opened the store with a shop in Lightfoot Crossing.  That shop succeeded and Rosa loved its courtyard which was a natural space for selling home garden accessories.  


Experience showed a basic fact about shoppers:  they like to combine eating out with shopping. And that is what led her to open a shop this year in New Town where dining opportunities are plentiful.  


Additionally, the New Town store has extra storage space and that seems a good idea given all the stock Rosa includes among her favorite things.  Having extra storage space will help keep the shelves out front fresh during the change of seasons and trends.  Check out the pictures to get ideas for your own addendum to the Rodgers and Hammerstein tune.  


The Ivy Trellis no longer offers in home interior decorating services, but Rosa is happy to offer shoppers advice.  Bring in photos for a discussion.  Maybe Rosa will have something in stock that works for you, or can obtain an item from one of her dealers, or she may simply help you imagine what you need, like an orange chair, so you can go out into the larger marketplace with a specific concept of what you are looking for.   


Welcome to Rosa and Ed and The Ivy Trellis!



Some favorite things